The Lord is to be glorified at all times; His praise should be uttered from our mouths forever! (My own paraphrase of Ps. 34:1) Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. 🙂 Today’s time of prayer, praise, and word is filled with the joy and expectation of our God. Regarding our relationship, once the Lord said to me, “It’s Me and you and Me and you forever and ever and ever and ever… Read More

HELLO, EVERYONE! 😀 It’s a new month and YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH begins it with a marvelous word from our Lord as the Beloved Bridegroom looking forward to retrieving His Bride… HALLELUJAH! Sometimes we don’t think about our future from Christ’s side of it; how He longs to be united with us who believe, for we will be spotless and without wrinkle or blemish before Him! He is enthused (to say the… Read More

It’s time for YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH, and I bid you welcome in the Name of the Lord! Today’s word from God is refreshing and assuring, as always, so sit back, relax, and pull away from the hustle and bustle of the world for a few moments as you receive the greatest desires of God’s heart expressed to all of us as we pray, praise, and worship Him. Amen!

Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts . . . Hebrews 3:15 Good morning, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. The Lord our God is GOOD, and He is imploring all who are unsaved to give their hearts to Him. He is a VERY personal God, and cares about each one of us individually; no cookie-cutter Christians in His Kingdom; rather, He calls and knows us… Read More

WELCOME to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! I’m glad to be back behind the microphone to pray to the Lord, praise His Holy Name, and receive from His heart a word for all of us that will strengthen, encourage, and re-energize. AMEN! Join me in prayers of your own to the Lord, from your spirit and with your understanding, and let’s start the week with His words ringing in our minds and enabling… Read More