Believe me, listeners, ENCOURAGEMENT is the order of the day here at YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! Good morning, and God bless you. The times all around us have changed for the good, y’all. Today the Lord has MUCH to say about this as well as sharing the deep desires of His Holy Heart with all of us. He is SO wonderful… This is a program you don’t want to miss!

Starting the weekend with a word from the Lord in prayer, praise, and worship of His Holy Name is the best thing a child of God can do. Good morning, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. Set your hearts to reverencing our God, and then prepare them to receive the faithful blessing of His Breath breathed upon our lives. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, all! 🙂

Welcome, everyone, to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. The week is coming to a close, but our God is going strong with words that will encourage, strengthen, warn, and delight us – yes, all of that! Tune in and join in morning worship, prayer in your Heavenly language, and praise to Almighty God, for He is worthy to be praised. Then listen as He breathes His Breath upon us. Hallelujah! Amen.

God has plans for us that go beyond the immediate heavens and, yes, even the heaven of heavens – did you know that? PRAISE HIS MIGHTY NAME! Wow. Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday on YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. 😉 Today God utters lovingly and longingly, as always, for our presence with Him on earth and in eternity in holiness, obedience, righteousness, and everlasting peace. This is a Breath of love from His Throne… Read More

Whenever I hear the Lord tell me that He is “standing safely by”… basically meaning, He’s GOT this in our lives, I am thrilled to no end and overwhelmed with a spirit of safety and thanksgiving. I pray today’s time of Prayer, Praise, & Word wrap your heart and emotions with the garment of faith and assurance that He is ever by your side and knows everything going on with you. Indeed,… Read More