Believe me, listeners, ENCOURAGEMENT is the order of the day here at YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! Good morning, and God bless you. The times all around us have changed for the good, y’all. Today the Lord has MUCH to say about this as well as sharing the deep desires of His Holy Heart with all of us. He is SO wonderful… This is a program you don’t want to miss!

Hello, ALL! It’s time again for prayer in our understanding and in tongues. Hallelujah! Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. This is the audio-cast where we hear weekly from our Heavenly Father God what He would say to us as prayer goes up to Him in the power of Holy Spirit. Sit back, relax, join in prayer with Poietes, and set your eyes on Yahweh, Yeshua, and Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)… Read More

Our program for June continues this week with Part 2 of “SOWING & REAPING”. There are so many lessons to learn here, so many wondrous things from Almighty God to discover. The richest and best results of asking and receiving from the Lord come when we understand how to ask as He specifies. Today, we’re going to discuss how to properly approach our Heavenly Father in Yeshua’s Name with petitions He will… Read More