GOOD MORNING, and welcome to another edition of YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. Our God issues a serious, loving warning to church leadership today. Warnings always give all of us something to pray about; they are also a great catalyst for introspection among believers everywhere. AMEN.

Once more we highlight the Book of Psalms – I love it very much! Earlier, I’d read the first five Psalms to you – today, I’m reading the second five – Psalms 6-10 – for your edification and enjoyment. Blessings! Note for audiophiles: A few days ago, Psalms 1-5 were read using the Presonus PD-70 microphone. Today’s selections utilize the Samson C01 condenser mic. Just FYI, the prayer, praise, and word audio-casts… Read More

The Lord is to be glorified at all times; His praise should be uttered from our mouths forever! (My own paraphrase of Ps. 34:1) Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. 🙂 Today’s time of prayer, praise, and word is filled with the joy and expectation of our God. Regarding our relationship, once the Lord said to me, “It’s Me and you and Me and you forever and ever and ever and ever… Read More

I talk to you a lot about faith here on YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH, and God’s scripture says “faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” So, today I have for you a reading from Romans Chapter 1. I love the Book of Romans; breathed out by Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul, it was my very favorite book of the Bible from the time I was 12, and is still in… Read More

Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! Reading the scriptures is a vital part of maintaining our faith in Jesus Christ. Today, I’m reading to you from the very book which inspired this audio-cast, and I pray you will give special attention to its every word, and let it build up your souls in Jesus. Carry it with you all day long, and give thanks and praise to the Lord for His goodness… Read More