This morning I’m sharing words of encouragement with those of you who believe your gifts don’t matter, or are small, or thankless. Don’t believe it. With our marvelous Lord, the least we do from a true heart is precious in His sight. Listen to the audio-cast – which I believe comes from the heart of God – and be encouraged, in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

Good morning, everyone! 🙂 There are times when I just need a full-on encouragement from the Lord. How about all of you? If that’s true for you today, you want to hear this audio-cast of His Precious Word for us! First, we’ll enter into His gates with thanksgiving and go into His courts with praise… for He is WORTHY! Hallelujah! Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. 😀

Good day to all, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! The watchword for today’s audio-cast is in-gathering. Hallelujah! That’s a POWERFUL word, and its meaning is all the more powerful, expressing our Heavenly Father’s Heart of expectation and utmost LOVE on our behalf. God bless you who are His, and all who are being drawn to faith in Him, for the hour of great in-gathering (harvest) is here! May the Lord… Read More

Moving further into the week, servants of God need a recharge to remind them of the power and abiding presence of Almighty God. The Obedience First website does just that by welcoming a mid-week, audio-cast following this inspired advice of Jude (the half-brother of Jesus Christ): But you, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the… Read More

Good morning, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! Child of God, can you honestly say you hold absolutely NO unforgiveness or offense against anyone in your life – past or present? If the honest answer to that question is No, you want to hear today’s audio-cast, because it comes from the heart of God specifically for you.