HELLO, EVERYONE! 😀 It’s a new month and YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH begins it with a marvelous word from our Lord as the Beloved Bridegroom looking forward to retrieving His Bride… HALLELUJAH! Sometimes we don’t think about our future from Christ’s side of it; how He longs to be united with us who believe, for we will be spotless and without wrinkle or blemish before Him! He is enthused (to say the… Read More

Whenever I hear the Lord tell me that He is “standing safely by”… basically meaning, He’s GOT this in our lives, I am thrilled to no end and overwhelmed with a spirit of safety and thanksgiving. I pray today’s time of Prayer, Praise, & Word wrap your heart and emotions with the garment of faith and assurance that He is ever by your side and knows everything going on with you. Indeed,… Read More

TODAY’S THE DAY! This week – along with airing the last program in our May topic, THE SWEETNESS OF GOD – Obedience First is pleased to offer you a free, downloadable Companion Devotional taking you even further into this month’s discussion. Through five more important topics highlighting The Sweetness of God, you’ll see how you can apply His awesome attributes to practical, daily living – something absolutely critical to a successful Christian… Read More