Whenever I hear the Lord tell me that He is “standing safely by”… basically meaning, He’s GOT this in our lives, I am thrilled to no end and overwhelmed with a spirit of safety and thanksgiving.

I pray today’s time of Prayer, Praise, & Word wrap your heart and emotions with the garment of faith and assurance that He is ever by your side and knows everything going on with you. Indeed, He’s GOT you, and He will never, ever let you go.


As prayer and praises go up, let His tenderness come down and envelop you. If you are not yet His child through faith in Jesus Christ, salvation is but a heartfelt prayer away; check our top menu for the Prayer of Salvation, and you can step from darkness to light this very hour. God bless.

Audio-cast 10 – July 13 – YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH

Welcome, everyone, to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH!

God’s heart for the lost in your lives and families is lovingly highlighted in today’s Breath… I know you will be encouraged at His utter enthusiasm in being ever willing to rise to the task of wooing them to His Throne on His behalf and yours! God is GOOD.

Pray along with me and let’s rejoice in God our Savior! Amen.

Audio-cast 9 – July 12 – YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH

Happy Friday to everyone, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH!

The Lord’s word to us today is SO filled with love and fervent desire for the salvation of unsaved souls, it will touch the innermost recesses of your heart and move you to witness to others about His GOODNESS.

Tune in and join me in prayer and praise of The Most High, Holy God our Father, Our Savior Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Audio-cast 8 – July 9 – YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH

Words of assurance and reassurance are coming from the Lord today to all of us who belong to Him, because there is what He calls, “a coming storm.”

Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. Tune in to join me for another splendid time of prayer, praise, and hearing from God’s heart.

Audio-cast 7 – July 8 – YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH

Good morning, and welcome back to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH!

The Lord has an encouraging Breath for all of us today – are you ready to receive it?

So am I.

Pray along with me, listen intently to the heart of God for us, and be blessed in everything you do in His Name today!

Audio-cast 6 – July 7 – YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH