The June 2021 Companion Devotional titled, SOWING & REAPING, written by your audio-cast host, Poietes, is a vitally helpful page-turner offering readers four biblical and practical, life-changing keys to living on the victory side of God’s everlasting law of sowing and reaping.

Obedience First is pleased to make this mini-book available to you, FREE of charge. Download your copy by clicking the button below, and begin living your life in a way that absolutely pleases God!


Obedience First is pleased to make available to you today the first Companion Devotional concluding the May topic, THE SWEETNESS OF GOD.

This devotional – under the same title – takes a deep dive into five more topics looking at how the Christian can apply God’s character in practical ways in daily living.

You will be blessed, righteously informed, and instructed by this work which stands as a companion to the month-long podcast series.

Feel free to print a copy for your personal use. Just hit the download button below, and let the blessings begin!

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