Monthly Archives: October 2021

Hallelujah! Good morning, and welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! 😀 The watch words for today’s audio-cast are: UP, UP, and AWAY! Tune your hearts to be JOYFUL, listeners, because the Lord is about to share His plans for all those who belong to Him… and they are GREAT! Enjoy, and have a TERRIFIC weekend, in the Mighty Name of the Lord! AMEN!

We’re drawing closer to the weekend and, as always, our God is abounding with strengthening words for us. Welcome, everyone, to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. God is a relational God; He loves the very thought of being with His children forever; I’m with Him in that! Join me for a time of encouragement, love, and blessings to your souls. Amen. 🙂

Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! This morning’s word is one to encourage those who wonder if their witnessing for God is effective enough. Isn’t God marvelous to strengthen us in these ways?! AMEN. As you listen, may your souls be blessed, especially in knowing our God cannot lie. Hallelujah! But He is the very truth itself. Truth really isn’t a “what” – it’s a WHO! And He is Faithful. 😀

Some biblical principles are challenging, even for the most mature Christian. Take prayer and fasting for example; not many want to handle them both. Sure, we can buckle down and decide to pray – even every day – but I have heard people of God say they “hate” fasting. Why? There are many ways to fast but, whenever we fast from food for a time, scripture says we literally “afflict” our souls… Read More

Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH! I believe what the Lord wants to place upon our hearts most of all is that His JOY is ever and always our strength. Through it, He can raise us above earth’s nonsense and into the realms of His Peace and sanity. Put your eyes upon Yeshua (Jesus), and allow His words to sink deeply into your ears and hearts to minister JOY and Peace to… Read More