True Leadership

A lot of souls in Christ’s Body have been shining like the sun lately. When adversity strikes and (literally) the lights go out, the Righteous twinkle like stars in the darkness. I am SO grateful to God for that!

What would you do if you were thrown into near-pioneer conditions overnight? Grumble and belly-ache mercilessly in the ears and eyes of God? Or thank Him for the gift of life still in you? Wherever there is life, there is hope. Amen.

I know (and so do you) what it’s like to hear the majority of people respond to personal misfortune. However, over the past week, leaders in the Body of Christ have demonstrated such rallying heart, collective financial effort, strength in prayer and encouragement, as well as good old fashioned hard work – my heart can’t help but be touched and impacted permanently by their tenacious examples. All we who look on would do well to imitate such strength in humility, unconditional love and Godliness. Amen.

Please continue to pray for the numerous lives emerging from the troubling effects of recent hurricanes. Ask God to send them laughter amidst all the “things” needed for physical recovery. They are souls in dire need, and we do not ever want to withhold kindness and financial blessing from our brethren when it is in our power to do so.

Specifically, go to sites like to help those most direly effected by Hurricane Ida. Lend a helping hand before the eyes of the Lord, and pray for those true leaders who are standing right beside God’s people and all families reaching out in this time of need. Remember that God will honor all those who honor Him. Amen.


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