Monthly Archives: August 2021

The Lord is to be glorified at all times; His praise should be uttered from our mouths forever! (My own paraphrase of Ps. 34:1) Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. 🙂 Today’s time of prayer, praise, and word is filled with the joy and expectation of our God. Regarding our relationship, once the Lord said to me, “It’s Me and you and Me and you forever and ever and ever and ever… Read More

I talk to you a lot about faith here on YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH, and God’s scripture says “faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” So, today I have for you a reading from Romans Chapter 1. I love the Book of Romans; breathed out by Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul, it was my very favorite book of the Bible from the time I was 12, and is still in… Read More

Prayer is an amazing thing. Prayer can move mountains and little streams; through faith in Jesus Christ, it can obliterate darkness and create light. Fullness, restoration, healing are all possible through the power of prayer. I’ve been experiencing and exploring the power of prayer – particularly since I surrendered to my special grace – and it is a wonderland far beyond my imagining. I don’t say that tritely or even fancifully (though… Read More

HELLO, EVERYONE! 😀 It’s a new month and YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH begins it with a marvelous word from our Lord as the Beloved Bridegroom looking forward to retrieving His Bride… HALLELUJAH! Sometimes we don’t think about our future from Christ’s side of it; how He longs to be united with us who believe, for we will be spotless and without wrinkle or blemish before Him! He is enthused (to say the… Read More