Monthly Archives: August 2021

I’m resting for a bit, folks. God willing, I’ll be back Tuesday, September 7. God bless you! Poietes

By far, Psalm 91 is one of the most powerful of all those in the Holy Scriptures. I’m reading it to you today, with love and assurances from God the Father to all His beloved. Take heart – those of us who believe in Him with all our being, following hard after Him, have been changed. We live in a different world from the system controlled by the enemy. The Lord’s hands… Read More

GOOD MORNING, everyone. 🙂 I enjoy musical endeavors that enhance my imagination. They give us a bit of rest from the other audio-cast presentations on this site. Today I have another unusual G Flute piece for you. It’s about one minute long; just look at the photo while you listen. Have a wonderful day!

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to another edition of YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. Our God issues a serious, loving warning to church leadership today. Warnings always give all of us something to pray about; they are also a great catalyst for introspection among believers everywhere. AMEN.

GOOD MORNING! I’m closing out the week with a short song played on the Native American G Flute. It’s called, “Husband and Wife”. Those of you in Godly marriages will understand its name completely once you hear it. Sometimes… before you really settle into each other in holy matrimony (and even afterwards), you don’t see eye-to-eye. But then the Spirit of God takes over, and leads you back into harmony, and the… Read More