That’s it! i’m simply dedicated TO PRAYER

Have you ever had various gifts with which you wanted to serve the Lord and so you circle the airport of your true calling for perhaps months and even years until the time comes when you must land the plane of your intentions and efforts according to what He told you in the first place?

I have.

If you have also, I feel for you. Most of all, though, I thank the Lord for HIS kind intentions toward us always – toward me – because, folks, I AM AN INTERCESSOR. That’s the place of my foremost grace in Him. Period.

Oh, I can write well (always have been a good student of the English language), and I can sing well (yup, that too, with very little effort). I absolutely LOVE reading and teaching the Holy Scriptures. I also catch quickly on to the operation of gadgets like computers, microphones, audio interfaces, smartphones, etc.

I’ve excelled in many places, and was a great student in school (mostly A’s and B’s the whole way; honor rolls and all that jazz)… but none of those things are the place of my direct and foremost “call” in God. Indeed, over the years they’ve only been facilitators – training, actually – for the true and actual, foremost calling from Him that He has made known to me and that I have indirectly shirked in favor of more “popular”, “out front” pursuits. Yuck. :/

Intercession is done mainly in secret, but it is a wonderful thing; there’s literally no place like it. After all, the Bible says:

“He that dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…”

Psalm 91:1

Right? Yeah, exactly right. So what’s wrong with that?

Exactly nothing.

One called to intercession is enabled by God to thwart the plots of the enemy up close AND from a distance. Prayer is a mighty lance for the believer. Hallelujah, that’s power!

Truth is – I LOVE TO PRAY; I’ve discovered that I honestly do and, guess what, everybody – It. Is. My. Place. of. Special. GRACE. from the Lord! AMEN.

So, without further ado, this website has become foremost a place of prayer offered by me, Poietes, for all of you, early in the morning, every weekday. Never has “Obedience First” had deeper meaning for me.

Of course, God keeping me, I’ll continue publishing the FREE, downloadable devotionals for your edification and growth in Yeshua (Jesus), because I love writing and hearing from God… but YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH (YMHF) is going to be the only audio-cast offered here from this point on; no more teaching months aired as audio-casts matching the devotionals, because the writings pretty-much speak for themselves, and God said writing and teaching are second and third in my place of special graces, so I won’t count them out (thank God!).

The best part about this is my place as Intercessor will be fulfilled online as well as offline at the command of Yahweh, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit to the benefit of others and, therefore, myself. I also love being obedient! 😉

God keeping me, I’ll be praying for all of you for the rest of the week (stay tuned for today’s YMHF) and then sharing the Lord’s heart on your behalf every Monday through Friday right here. (I’ll also blog like this, occasionally, to keep you informed of devotional releases, etc.).

Tune in daily, for the best is yet to be in Yeshua (Jesus). AMEN!



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