Monthly Archives: June 2021

God keeping me, YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH will return on July 7th. I’m taking a break for the Independence Day holiday. Blessings to all! Love, Poietes 😇

This is the week, ladies and gentlemen! Part 4 of our series is ready for your edification and listening pleasure, so enjoy… BUT THEN… Please download the FREE Companion Devotional, titled, “Sowing & Reaping” from the Companion Devotionals page on this website to receive a deep dive of even more wonderful, powerful teaching, explanation, and practical application of how God’s law of sowing and reaping can richly operate to fullness of success… Read More

This week’s program is for those of you who have been attacked lately by enemy forces of discouragement. Don’t forget – the enemy is a liar; I cast his nonsense far from you, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name! Welcome to YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH. Let the Spirit of the Lord encourage you and refill you with His Strength to persevere with JOY over the hills and valleys of life. Remember that “Greater is… Read More

Knowing how to please the Lord in receiving from Him is just as important as giving righteously. This week’s program will discuss what God wants to see His children do with the harvest they reap from His Holy Hands. Join us as the topic, “SOWING & REAPING” continues to bless you, on Obedience First.